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*With Membership

Join us twice a week for 4 weeks with a one time $48 fee. Each month we focus on a different area of the body. Please contact us HERE to inquire what areas of the body our classes will focus on with our next course. *Membership includes monthly course reminders and special offers at no extra cost.

Currently online classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays with each course beginning the first Tuesday of the month.

9:30am Pacific / 12:30 Eastern
Yes! I would like to attend the monthly classes for $48.

Just fill out this easy form to receive access and invoice for secure payment. We are looking forward to having you join us!


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About Our Classes

Each set of online classes is scheduled at the beginning of the month and lasts 4 weeks with two classes scheduled each week.

We use ZOOM for our classes. If you have not used zoom before please click here to find out how easy it is to use. We send out an email invite (with link to class) before each class.

Classes are designed to accommodate the beginner and those with some limited mobility while also offering a full range of moves for those already with experience.

Cassandra limits class size so that she can take the whole of the class into consideration and allow feedback at the end of each class (as well as by email, etc) to better serve those in attendance.


Each monthly course is different in its targeted area.  head/neck/shoulders or feet/ankles/knees or core/hips/back would be examples of what the focus could be for a course.

Attend month to month classes to cover the full range of targeted areas, or rejoin a repeating class to focus on a specific targeted area as many times as you like. Specific focus area classes will repeat for those wishing to improve on their practice through continued guidance. 

Join our class with membership option to receive a monthly invite to join future classes and be sent special offers, with no obligation or additional fee. 

Please contact us for current class description and schedule or with any questions/comments you may have for us.

Thank you!

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